Updates on mail server and DNS

Its been a rough few weeks and it seems that most of the issues have been ironed out with e-mail and DNS servers, many folks had been out of town when we made changes, yesterday we added squirrel mail to the server, many clients had requested the option,  one of the reasons we made the changes to the mail server was because for many who traveled they would have issues with using outlook, thunderbird or other existing mail clients while traveling.

With the new setting people should be able to use their mail client on their pc with no issues, provided the ISP they are using is not blocking certain ports.

We have also changed the dns servers,  we are in the midst of renewing contracts and it is always a fiasco when we do so, because changing or upgrading usually means new IP addresses, what we have been suggesting to the client is using public DNS servers which work just as well and as soon as we have the new DNS in place we will post them here.

There are tons of free or public DNS servers, we have been using the following, for example you can use Googles dns numbers which are and or and which I believe are Verizon there is a complete list of public dns servers here.