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It has been a fun journey but it has come to an end


As of the first of this month September 2017 I have given notice to the remainder of my customers that as of April 30th 2018 I will be completely shutting down Lagunanet.

When I started this business there were only a couple of providers in Guadalajara which required a long distance call to hook up to the Internet. I am proud to say that I was the first person to bring Internet to Lakeside in 1997 followed by high speed wireless back in 2003. I am glad I was able to open up communications to the Lakeside area which saved people a lot of money.

It has for the most part been a fun experience, would I do it again? Maybe, but never again in a retirement community ūüôā I really enjoyed meeting all the different people over the years.

I would like to give a special thanks to my partner and his wife David and Stella Mellor who without their help none of it would have been possible. Not only were they very supportive with the business in the end, they are like family to me.

For those of you who still have the email service it will stil continue indefinitely as those servers are also being used for primary DNS for my hosting services which will continue for years to come.

Whats next?


For over the last 5 years I have returned to the online marketing business which is what I did before I started lagunanet, it was easy to get back into and I love it.

Once again thank you all for your support


Rod Collins


Wireless sign imageLagunanet was the first ISP to bring internet to the Lake Chapala in 1997, first offering dial up connectivity and e-mail services and later rolling out high speed wireless broadband services.

Lagunanet runs its operation using Unix  and Linux servers offering Internet speeds up to 4 Megabytes and redundant fail-over networks.

Since 1997 Lagunanet began offering dial up connections and was the pioneer  offering high speed fixed wireless, now after 16 years of service, we continue to provide high speed access and e-mail service to many areas lakeside.

No phone line is needed, one of the benefits of using fixed wireless is the fact you do not need a phone line to get connected, and for $40.00 U.S.D our speeds are generally faster than those of the phone company, plus you are not tied in to any long term contracts.


Internet Costs

Globe in mans handOur service is what is considered fixed wireless, we install a small antenna on your rooftop and point it to one of our closest towers,  giving you fast wireless Internet connectivity.

The cost for installation is 350.00 U.S.D which includes antenna, cabling, wireless router and computer hook up.

Monthly cost is 40.00 dollars or equivalent in pesos,  minimum 3 month contract.

Coverage areas

Our Coverage area includes Riberas del Pilar, Mirasol, San Antonio, Ajijic, Los Arroyos, and all the way west in to San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec. For specific areas of service make sure you contact us first to ensure we can provide service in your desired area.



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