What is Lagunanet?

Back in 1997 Rod Collins and David Mellor started the first ISP offering dial-up connectivity in the Lake Chapala area. This made it easier and cheaper for people to communicate with friends.  While we were the Intenet pioneers, over time, bigger companies came to the area offering improved coverage and cheaper prices. Because of these, we felt we could no longer offer a high-quality service and while keeping our prices competitive.

As of June 2016, we no longer offer Internet connectivity, however, we still continue to offer many internet-related services and continue to customers with many different services.

Having been involved with computers and Technology since 1984 I have a well-rounded knowledge of anything from Internet connectivity, web hosting, and software.

Over the last few years, I have been offering clients and businesses a full IT solution

Services offered

  • Software troubleshooting (Windows, Linux, Mac, and BSD)
  • Hardware problems
  • Networking issues
  • Internet set up and connectivity
  • General IT consulting

What makes Lagunanet different?

We have been involved in the tech industry for over forty years I have plenty of experience with different software platforms including Linux, BSD, Windows, and Mac.

I understand that many people struggle with technology and making sure their computer runs smoothly.

Making the move to Mexico can have many stumbling blocks, besides moving down and going through all the steps to move here, many people often neglect some of the potential issues they may struggle with that concern technology and internet connectivity.





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