Web Hosting In Mexico

close up of wires on web serverOne of the frequent questions I am always asked is whether we do our own web hosting here at Lagunanet. The answer is yes, while we do host our e-mail and DNS services the rest of my hosting is actually done elsewhere.

I own and operate several websites and chose not to host them locally becuase of several different factors.

One reasons is expensive bandwidth, this has always been an issue in Mexico, bandwidth is very expensive, while a basic T1 connection in the U.S can run as low as 100.00 U.S.D per month a Fractional E1 equivalent in Mexico can cost around $13000.00 pesos a month, it is pretty hard to handle a lot of services on a one meg connection, while we do have over 20 megs of bandwidth running in to our office, 95% of that is used solely for the purpose of providing fixed wireless internet service to our clients.

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Internet died After McAfee Software Update

Operating a small ISP, rest assured there is never a dull moment, and sometimes never a shortage of angry clients, especially when they have no internet.

Walking in to my office Monday morning.  I was bombarded with several phone calls from clients saying they had no Internet access.

After about 12 calls and a client bringing in their laptop, I figured out the issue was with an automatic update from McAfee, after further reasearch I found several articles including this one from scmagazineuk.com where it talks about the issue.

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Latest Updates

It has been a while since I have had time to post on this blog, it seems in the Internet business there is always something going on. In the 15 years Lagunanet has been providing internet access, some things have changed and some have not.

Back to the days of dial up,  when people could not get connected because of wet phone lines or just simply dealing with the crappy Telmex infrastructure. While the industry has changed a lot on the surface, the same basic network principles still apply, and to me the only real difference on the surface has been an increase in internet speeds, and cheaper hardware.

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