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It has been a while since I have had time to post on this blog, it seems in the Internet business there is always something going on. In the 15 years Lagunanet has been providing internet access, some things have changed and some have not.

Back to the days of dial up,  when people could not get connected because of wet phone lines or just simply dealing with the crappy Telmex infrastructure. While the industry has changed a lot on the surface, the same basic network principles still apply, and to me the only real difference on the surface has been an increase in internet speeds, and cheaper hardware.

I remember the first days of June 1997 when I fired up that Cisco router, along with a US robotics modem pool and two DEC alpha servers,  it was a great feeling knowing that there were no more long distance bills from Telmex, and that Lakeside was now communicating with the rest of the world.

The other day I had a couple of people come in to my office asking what is new with Lagunanet. I had to actually step back and think for a few minutes,  but a few things have changed  with our infrastructure.

Jocotepec Server

Four months ago we added a stand alone presence in El Chante,  including a shiny new rack to house a new E1 trunk line,  a Dell power edge server along with a new Cisco router which now serves San Juan Cosala, El Limon, Jocotepec and its adjacent areas with good bandwidth. This change took the excess load off of Ajijic giving us the ability to have more bandwidth in Ajijic.

New servers in Ajijic

I recently added two new Intel servers and upgraded to a newer version of FreeBSD which has also improved service.

A new mail server

After a chaotic July with mail server issues,  they have been ironed out, the main issue we had was people who have been clients for years often used simple passwords, the easy passwords made the mail server vulnerable to spam attacks through our webmail. We had to eliminate squirrel mail and Horde is now the main webmail application.

So those are just a few changes that have been made, Along with the day-to-day tasks of running a small ISP I have been now actively marketing several websites which many of you may know was what I first started doing before I started Lagunanet.


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