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Hi Everyone

I hope everyone had a great holiday and new year! I know I sure did, in fact this is the very first year after 15 years of owning Lagunanet I actually took a whole week off,  it was great. Although it seems there where a few upset customers while I was away.

One day over the holiday we had an issue with an access point, which was down for about 3 hours and  was replaced, not bad for a vacation week I thought. In any case there where a couple of people who decided to hit the reset button on the router and of course when you hit the reset button, it takes all the settings out of the equipment and requires the settings to be added manually.

Since our offices where closed we had left the number of a technician that offered to take care of any issues and to make house calls for a fee if needed.

Apparently the tech had to make one service call and input settings in to the router and charged the client 300.00 pesos which the customer was extremely unhappy about.

We have dealt with this issue since we have been in business, people do not want to pay regardless, it almost seems like most of the community here especially the expat community worked for free in their past life, because when it comes to paying for service no one wants to,  or they feel it should be included in our monthly service fee.

I have seen several people who have other services, and honestly I do not know how they become so complacent, to take a number at a the local office,  or to have to sit at home several days at a time waiting for the tech to come.

This is one advantage you have with Lagunanet, you can have a tech out the same day, for the most part at the time you choose, which for me personally is well worth 300.00 pesos. I say this after paying a satellite tech 700.00 pesos to realign my satellite dish a couple of months back, which I happily paid.

We have always been very fair when it comes to service and countless times I have personally been to make service calls without charge,  and still do when I can and many times when the issue is on our part we have not charged.

I have recently been very careful on where we do new installations, mainly because I want them to be rock solid so that both the client is happy as well as myself knowing that everything will run smoothly.

Rod Collins


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