Changes and More Changes

Last December we had contemplated moving our office and with my son in college it made perfect sense we could save some extra money on rent and to be perfectly  honest it got kind of old answering questions from people who did not even use our service, fortunately my good friends from Telmex now have that pleasure.

The ISP business is not an easy one because people just want things to work. I really do appreciate and love serving the customers I do have,  moving helped tremendously in more ways than one. Currently  I am gearing up for yet one more move,  hopefully this will be the last and final change for a while with the exception of new equipment and upgrades.

Because of my gracious and charismatic landlord we will be removing our tower from our original location and we have added a new smaller tower in upper Ajijic thanks to some long time customers and friends they have made this all possible, in the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on re-pointing clients antennas to the new tower and hopefully make it a smooth migration,  so far everything has worked well.

I am estimating that the migration and move will be completed by the end of this month December 2014 we have added all new equipment and will be transferring our  bandwidth contracts.