Our new mail server

This last week we began migrating an old mail server to a new one, from the feedback I understand that many do not like change and found it difficult for the changeover, personally I am never thrilled with any major changes but that’s what life is all about and what makes things interesting.

A few months back we lost a DNS server and we have now rebuilt everything so that migration in the future should be more seamless and easier to do without such harsh changes.

After making these changes I began to wonder if it was worth the effort of migrating a couple of hundred e-mail accounts, and started looking at it at a personal level, especially after seeing so many people who are using web based e-mail and many have switched to Gmail. I have always found web based e-mail services to be a fad, I remember the days of bigfoot, pobox,  excite and others who all offered free webmail service, some are still around and slowly fading others have managed too maintain their existence.

The new changes in our webmail service are are a few we have changed the web address to webmail.laguna.com.mx , this new webmail uses horde and here you have similar abilities which you had with squirrel mailplus you can also change your password through this application. We have installed Spam Assassin to help control spam, if you want this option enable please contact us to do so.

Over the next few days I will be posting other minor changes, and once again add the pricing and services Lagunanet continues to offer.