The Internet and Online Gambling with Lagunanet

During the work week I always receive many questions related to internet connectivity in Mexico.  But the other day I had a new potential customer ask me about reliability of our internet service for playing online casinos. I have had a lot of questions asked about our service in the past but not about online gambling.

While i am no stranger to online gambling, I had to think about the answer to the question for a few seconds before answering.

Yes our service works well for playing at online casinos, a regular one meg connection is usually more than fast enough to play online. Apparently this client was an avid online casino aficionado in the U.S and wanted to know if he would still have the same response times here in Mexico using our internet service.

I decided to do some more research on the subject and I went to a couple of the online casino websites in question, one was and the other was When I first visited the website to see what kinds of games and possible internet resources these games would use,  I noticed that many of the games ran on the popular flash player which initially consumes a good chunk of bandwidth but once the game had fully loaded,  the resources are minimal.

With most modern day online casinos things have been more streamlined and while you can use the flash game option, you are better off downloading one of the casino programs, one it is much faster, and two offers a wider variety of games you can play.

So for those expats moving to Mexico and still want to continue playing their favorite online casino games, rest assured you will be able to play them the same way you did before.

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